The High Meadows Beef Story

High Meadows Beef came about out of necessity to share the ideals, methods, and ranching practices of raising healthy kids while sharing our top notch beef with the good people that see value in what we do.  The ranch “Two Dot Ranch” was started back in 1915 by Great Grandpa John and Grandpa Floyd who saved enough money trapping to purchase land and sheep.  Over the next century along with Dad (James) they phased out of the sheep enterprise in 1980 to focus on beef cattle.  Chase and Megan have since taken the reins adding their own unique “spices” to the business as well as 5 thriving ranch raised kids. 


Though the product of the ranch has evolved and changed over the years, one thing remains the core focus.  Raising kids that #1 know how to work #2 that are confident #3 that know they can do anything they put their mind to.  We hold true to these core values and in an industry that requires so much hard work and dedication, we really couldn’t survive without it. 


The cattle we raise are a composite 75% tried and true Black Angus and 25% American Saler, which is known for its wonderful mothering and milking traits.  We’ve also found the Saler to be extremely good at getting up high on the mountain where the best grass can be found.  The climate here has a relatively short growing season for grass and other crops.  This means that the grass we do grow here grows slower than in warmer climates, which results in more nutrients making their way up the root, through the stem of the grass and finally into the belly of our happy grazing cows.  It’s really that simple, we don’t have to send our cows to a feedlot to be on a grain or corn ration to get marbling or better taste.  The grass here is just that good. 


When you join us on this journey you’ll be hooked better than a binge worthy series on Netflix.  “Without the guilt.” We share weekly tips and stories that inspire epic family experiences.

Whittaker Family

Our family strives to raise the bar for quality and goodness of our beef. We make every effort to raise healthy, happy, nutritionally sound cattle that will in turn provide you with beef that you can be proud to serve your family!