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High Meadows Beef

Whole Beef Deposit (400 lb)

Whole Beef Deposit (400 lb)

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Reserve your Grassfed Whole Beef for just $500!  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

When your beef is ready we will invoice to collect the remaining ($3600) and ship you our premium ranch raised beef.

GO WHOLE COW! You'll be the most popular house in the neighborhood with a huge variety for cookouts, parties, smoking meats and more.

Also, the whole cow is a great option if you're splitting the share with another family or two, that way everyone gets our best deal.

And no need to worry about keeping it stored, our heavy duty cryo-vac packaging completely protects the beef for well over a year. This will be the only beef purchase you need to make all year!

*This pack requires about 12 to 16 cubic feet of freezer space.

What You Get in the Whole Beef Package

Highest Quality Premium Steaks

  • 50-60lbs of top notch steaks including
    • 24-32 NY Strips
    • 16-24 Ribeyes
    • 16 Filet Mignons
    • 8 Sirloin Tips
    • 16 Minute Steaks
    • 16 Top Sirloins
    • 16 Sirloin Tips
    • 8 Skirt Steaks
    • 2 Tri Tips
    • 2 Flank Steaks 

A New Standard for Ground Beef

  • 144-192lbs of the best Ground Beef you've ever had!
    • Perfect for Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it...
    • Packed in convenient 1lb packages 
    • This is our signature 80/20 Ground Beef blend

Crowd Pleasing Cuts

  • 136-168lbs of Savory Cuts perfect for the family or party time! 
    • 24-36 Roasts
    • 16-32 Cross Cut Shanks individually packaged
    • All of the following special cuts
      • Brisket, Back Ribs, Short Ribs

FREE Extras

  • Add on nutrition-packed beef bones, fat, or organs to any order at no charge! A must have for every family to make their own broth, lard, burger mixes, dog food and more...After you order we'll reach out to see what you all want!



  • All butchering and processing fees
  • Dry aging for flavor and tenderness
  • All items are professionally packaged, and labeled with name of cut
  • All meat is flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality and flavor
  • Cuts are vacuum sealed for indefinite fresh quality in the freezer
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Local pick up options in Idaho Falls, Boise, Salt Lake and Missoula
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

  • Beef raised at 6,000 ft + elevation
  • Grassfed
  • No added hormones
  • 100 plus years same family ranch
  • Raised on slow growing grass high in nutrients
  • Processed in a USDA Certified Facility
  • "We made a roast on Sunday and it was AMAZING!!  We are making sandwiches with it now and it's so so good!"



  • "That beef we got from you is TOP of the line!! Thank you!"



  • "This family produces awesome beef!  We are very satisfied customers and returning customers."



  • "We’ve had the luck to partake in some of this amazing meat and it is GOOD STUFF. I believe I’ll order from them again!"



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Our Guarantee

If you're not 100 percent satisfied, we'll refund your purchase.

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